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Allium nigrum

A. multibulbosum. Dating back to 1762, this multi-flowering heirloom has compact, 3”- to 4”-wide spheres with flat bottoms comprised of densely compacted white florets with green eyes (ovaries) and pale green midveins on the reverse. When it opens, before its full shape is developed, it looks like a glistening white muffin top studded with peridot gems. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. June/July. 18” to 24”. HZ: 4-7.

The Flowering Onions are rabbit-, rodent- and deer-resistant, and are seldom affected by disease. Adored by bees, butterflies and pollinators, Allium extend the spring flowering season, and are valuable cut and dried flowers.

Allium require full sunlight, rich, well-draining and neutral pH soil and can benefit from a summer dry period. All Allium must be planted outdoors in the fall after the soil has cooled down to around 55 degrees F (normally after two weeks of night time temperatures hovering around 40 degrees F).

Plant 6" to 8" deep and 8" to 10" apart.

We are very sorry, but due to state agricultural restrictions, we are not permitted to ship Allium bulbs to Idaho, or to the following five counties in the State of Washington: Adams, Benton, Franklin, Grant and Klickitat.

Alliums are The Art & Soul of Spring and Summer!

Allium Horticultural Tips
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